Vegan Debates

The following topics are common dilemmas that vegans and animal rights activists deal with.   I have collected info and opinions from other sources that I find interesting, and sometimes add my own two cents on the topic.  I hope that you find these pages thought-provoking!

Cat & Dog Food
The issue: Should you feed your companion animals meat?

The issue: Should Christians eat meat?

The issue: Should activists buy into the “Sex Sells” theory of getting attention?

The issue: Do their extreme tactics go too far?

Processed Sugar
The issue: Some processed sugar is filtered with charred bone.  Should vegans eat it?

The issue: Do we protest too much?

Vegan Purity
The issue: Should we try to be 100% vegan?  Is it possible?

Have an issue that you have been struggling with?  A common dilemma that vegans must face?
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