Canadian Seal Hunt Begins Again….Help Make This The Final Year!!

azvegan April 7th, 2011

Another year of the Canadian seal slaughter is underway.  Please pledge today to Boycott Canadian seafood and encourage others to do the same!  Not only is climate change already greatly affecting the seals, Canadian offices have once again approved the killing of hundreds of thousands of animals.


  • Canada’s commercial seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on Earth, with more than 1 million seals killed in the past five years alone.
  • 97 percent of the seals killed are defenseless pups less than 3 months old.
  • The seals are killed primarily for their fur, which is exported for use in international fashion markets.
  • Veterinary experts have concluded Canada’s commercial seal hunt is inherently inhumane given the extreme environmental conditions in which the sealers operate and the speed at which the killing must be conducted.

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