Abuelos Mexican Embassy
(on Chandler Blvd.)
They definitely use lard and also meat based sauces compose their sauces. The manager said the only thing vegetarian were the side potatoes (Not vegan though).

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop
4929 E Chandler Blvd
Off Chandler Rd. and I-10
They make subs with fake meat – bologna, salami, or turkey, and also have veggie burgers.  Their bread and vegetables are also much better than regular sub places like Subway.  Vegans must specify no cheese.
Warning: I have been told that they use the Worthington brand frozen meats, which contain egg whites.

Jason’s Deli
7230 W. Ray Rd.
Chandler, AZ  85226
The tortillas are vegan – you can get a Spinach Veggie Wrap that can be vegan when ordered without the cheese.   Contact Information:

India Gate

6245 W. Chandler Blvd.
Chandler, Arizona 85226
offers 18 Vegetarian entrees, featuring such ingredients as lentils, potatoes, eggplant, nuts, tomatoes, and various vegetables.  There’s also a “Vegetarian Dinner” meal, which consists of soup or salad, vegetable samosa, an entree with rice, dessert, and coffee or tea.
Visit for complete info and review!

Lee Lee’s Asian Market on Warner and Dobson. This place is inexpensive for many vegan items especially rice noodles and frozen foods.  Be aware- this store is not intended for vegans.

Pita Jungle

1949 W. Ray Rd.
Chandler AZ 85224
“Pita Jungle has another bigger restaurant on the lake at Anderson Springs, the SE corner of Dobson and Ray Roads in Chandler.  It touts an even wider menu selection than the Tempe store, plus full bar, great ambience, attentive young wait staff who understand “vegan” AND…. live jazz featuring artists you’ve heard on KYOT.  And get this, the music starts at 7pm rather than the usual 9 or 10pm typical of most jazz venues.  Wait, it gets better – all this with clean air indoors because Chandler has the no-smoking ordinance!  Thursday nights the Jungle has a jazz open mic opportunity for those who sign up prior to 7pm. You can also be served on the deck on the lake.”
Thanks, Jan!

Gilbert Location-
1431 E. Williams Field Rd.
Suite 101, Gilbert, AZ 85295

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant
4921 E Ray Rd
Chandler,  AZ 85226-2023

SE corner of Dobson & Ray Roads

“Has health foods & products, vegan & vegetarian foods, an impressive bulk grain/nuts/etc. department, beer & wine – but unfortunately they do have a flesh department. They have conventional and organic produce and the prices are amazingly low – beats Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Wild Oats by far!  Located a few doors down from Pita Jungle, on the lake at Anderson Springs.” Thanks, again Jan!

Swaddee Thai
5055 W. Ray Rd  #B8
Chandler, Arizona 85226
Located at the southwest corner of Ray Rd and Rural Rd, next to US Tae Kwon-do.
Very vegan-friendly.  To check out the menu see
Visit for more info.
Woodlands Vegetarian South Indian Kitchen
4980 W Ray Road, Suite #10
Chandler, AZ 85226
“Chris went to this vegetarian restaurant the other day and said it was really good and not expensive. They have all vegetarian food and about half is vegan! They do not serve alcohol but will allow it to be brought in. They are on the NE corner of Rural and Ray”. Thanks, Michelle!

NW corner of Ray and McClintock

They have one vegan soup.  It is served every day, both on the lunch and dinner menus. It’s listed under the “Gumbo//Beans” section, and is just called Vegan. Here’s the description: “A true vegetarian soup. A medium roux with extra ‘Trinity’, corn potatoes and seasonal vegetables simmered in a vegetable stock.”
Warning: They are heavy purveyors of meat, such as frog legs and alligator as well as the usual.