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Farm Animals

Check out "The Meatrix" online movie!  http://www.bancruelfarms.org/meatrix  If you haven't seen this movie yet, please take two minutes to watch it. It is entertaining and clever, AND it packs a political punch!  As the name implies, the Meatrix spoofs the popular Matrix movies. The film exposes factory farming in an informative and interesting way, and includes information about what people can do to help.  Enjoy the show and please forward it to everybody you know!


HSUS has a statistics resource available regarding U.S. farm animal production, slaughter, and consumption from the 1950s to the present day. The stats will be updated monthly and can be viewed at: http://www.hsus.org/farm/resources/pubs/stats_home.html



Animal Place - Animal Place is a nonprofit sanctuary for abused and discarded ‘farm’ animals founded in 1989.  Besides rescue work, Animal Place also concentrates on education. They develop educational materials to provide the public, primarily youngsters, with information on why they should view ‘farm’ animals as more than just food.

Compassion In World Farming - Campaigning to end the factory farming of animals and long distance transport through hard-hitting political lobbying, investigations and high profile campaigns.  Based in the UK.

Compassion Over Killing - COK’s main function lies in conducting investigations, organizing public demonstrations and other educational activities, and actively working to bring about a kinder world for all of us, both human and nonhuman.

Cows Are Cool - site by PETA offering extensive information about leather and leather alternatives.

FactoryFarming.com - the most comprehensive information about factory farming on the net.

Farm Animal Reform Movement -a national, tax-exempt, educational organization advocating a plant-based diet and humane treatment of farmed animals through eight grassroots programs.

Farm Animals -  tons of information and fact sheets from The Humane Society of the United States.

Farm Sanctuary -non-profit organization dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals used for food production.  Since incorporating in 1986, Farm Sanctuary has established America's premier farm animal shelters and waged effective campaigns to stop farm animal cruelty.  To stay updated on farm animal issues, register with Farm Sanctuary to receive the electronic newsletter, legislative alerts, info on upcoming events, special offers and other important news.   Click here to sign up!

Farmed Animal Net - created to help people who are working to advance the interests of farmed animals. They offer fact sheets, action alerts, important contacts, publications and an excellent source of links. 

Farmwatch   -The WSPA has started a major anti-factory-farming campaign.  In terms of sheer numbers, farm animal welfare is the biggest animal welfare problem in the world today. Literally billions of farm animals are reared behind the closed doors of factory farms.

National Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production - The independent National Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production (NCIFAP) was formed to conduct a comprehensive, fact-based and balanced examination of key aspects of the farm animal industry.

NoVeal - site by Farm Sanctuary working to end cruel veal production.  Has great literature, printable petitions, and pretty much any info you want on the veal issue.

 Peaceable Kingdom - an amazing new video from Tribe of Heart!  At a time when the public is more concerned than ever about the health and environmental problems associated with large-scale factory farming, Peaceable Kingdom explores another angle of this unfolding story: the interconnected life journeys of farm animals, former farmers, and animal rescuers struggling against an out of control industrial system.  Breaking generations of silence in the farm community, Peaceable Kingdom weaves together themes of respect, forgiveness, commitment, and healing, offering a vision of a more peaceful world that is well within our reach.  Order your copy now!

Poultry.org - exists to educate consumers about animal suffering and other deleterious consequences of the poultry industry.

United Poultry Concerns -a national non-profit organization that addresses the treatment of domestic fowl in food production, science, education, entertainment, and human companionship situations.

Viva!USA is a dynamic organization campaigning on behalf of animals killed for food. We do investigations of factory farms and then produce campaign materials for students and activists, helping people change to a veggie diet! We are an international organization, registered in the USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.



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