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Fur & Leather


Check out the Seuss-like spoof on the killing of animals for fur-trimmed clothing and accessories. The Fund for Animals' three-minute musical Flash movie--titled “There’s a Fufanu in My Collar Too!”--is available online at: http://www.MoreThanYouDo.com .  


BoycottMacys.com - As a result of a CAFT campaign, Macy's West closed their fur departments. Yet Macy's East still subsidizes the gassing, trapping and anal electrocution of fur bearing animals. This web site is the online campaign vehicle to get Macy's East to close their 32 fur departments.

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade - an excellent resource for all things relating to the fur industry.  CAFT's mission is to abolish the global fur industry permanently by utilizing appropriate legal and non-violent methods.

Cows Are Cool - great site about leather from PETA with tons of facts, alternatives and things you can do to help.

Fur - information from Last Chance for Animals.

Fur and Trapping - lots of information and links to fact sheets about fur from the Humane Society of the United States.

Fur Free Action  - a new anti-fur website has been created for activists concerned about the killing of animals for fashion.  Get all the facts about the animals and methods used to obtain fur, current news, merchandise, materials, alerts and grassroots activist resources to be effective in campaigning against fur.

FurFreeFriday - Welcome to the international directory of action to protest the fur trade.  This website is provided through a fur campaign partnership between Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade and Last Chance For Animals in efforts to develop unity on effective strategies to destroy the economic incentive for retailers to sell fur.

Fur Is Dead - check out "The Facts" section for tons of information and the "Campaign Center" for photos, videos and other campaign materials.

Fur Is Not Fabric - The Fur Free Society is a collective of fashion designers, celebrities and influential opinion makers who share the common bond that it's wrong to wear real fur and fur trim clothing. Simply put, fur is not fabric. By creating these style-savvy marketing ploys—whether it be a necklace or a partnership with a fashion designer—we feel these "from within fashion" tactics help influence our peers to go fur-free too.

infurmation.com - some of the most in-depth information about the fur trade. Highly recommended.

Leather Substitutes Resource Guide - A guide for those attempting to reduce or eliminate their use of animal skins for clothing and other uses.

NeimanCarcass.com - promotes the campaign to persuade Neiman Marcus to stop selling fur.

Stop the Canadian Seal Hunt - Take a moment to speak out against the seal hunt that is taking place in Canada.  They are allowing the slaughter of 350,000 defenseless seals – most of them pups – each year for at least 3 years.   This page lists a few quick things that you can do to help end the seal hunt. 

SkinnedPuppy.com - serves to educate the public about Burlington Coat Factory and their role in the killing of animals for fur.

Trapping and Fur - a huge list of fact sheets and articles from the Fund for Animals.



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