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Last updated March 06, 2010

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I wondered why somebody didn't do something; then I realized I was somebody.
-- Unknown

Take Action...

bullet Enter The "Create Dunkin's Next Donut Contest" And Create A New Vegan Donut!
Dunkin' Donuts is hosting its 2nd annual "Create Dunkin's Next Donut Contest”—it's the perfect opportunity to let the company know that its next donut should be vegan!
As part of the Compassion Over Killing Dunkin Cruelty campaign, they're asking caring consumers to submit vegan donut entries today! Hurry—the contest ends on March 8, 2010.

Visit DunkinCruelty.com to get started.

bullet Stop the Cruel Grey Seal Slaughter
Tragically, the government of Nova Scotia, Canada, allows the commercial slaughter of grey seals in the protected Scaterie Island Wilderness Area.  The grey seal kill on Hay Island, part of this protected area, is one of the cruelest seal slaughters The HSUS has ever documented. Sealers herd seals into groups, then club moulted pups as young as a few weeks of age with wooden bats and cut them open with box cutters just inches away from newborn pups and their mothers.

The Winter Olympic Games opened on February 12—at the same time as the Canadian and Nova Scotia governments are allowing sealers to club baby seals to death in a protected nature reserve. The eyes of the world will be on Canada in the next few weeks, and we need your help now to expose the plight of the baby seals.

Please take action now to stop this senseless slaughter. Fill out and submit the form below to automatically send a message to key decision makers and express your opposition to the slaughter of baby seals on Hay Island. Remember to personalize your message so it stands out.

bullet Tell Congress to Stop NASA's Cruel Monkey Experiments
NASA has recently announced a shocking plan to spend $1.75 million of taxpayer money to fund an experiment in which up to 30 squirrel monkeys will be blasted with a massive dose of radiation equivalent to what a human would experience during three years in outer space. These monkeys will then live the rest of their lives in cages and be forced to endure years of behavioral tests to measure the inevitable devastation that the radiation causes to their brains and bodies, which would likely include brain damage, skin inflammation, blindness, various types of cancer, including brain tumors, and premature death.

Like all animal experiments, physiological and anatomical differences between species make it impossible to generate data that can be reliably applied to humans. And the large single dose of radiation that the monkeys will be exposed to in a matter of minutes is nothing like the low levels of radiation that human astronauts would be exposed to over extended periods of time in space. The only guarantee that comes with these experiments is that sensitive and intelligent monkeys will be caused immeasurable harm.  Take Action Today.

bullet Considering Going Vegan in 2010 Or Know Someone That Is?
Whether you are looking to go vegan for animals, health reasons, or the environment, there are tons of resources available.  On the front tables at many Barnes and Noble stores are books related to vegan dietary choices.  Check out Tal Ronnen's Conscious Cook, or Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer.  Online you can check out many free resources at www.vegforlife.org or to see the animals you'll be saving read some stories about rescue animals at www.farmsanctuary.org.   Check out great vegan recipes at www.vegweb.com


Check out the latest additions....................

bullet Join Us For Vegan Voices- Saturday, 4/3
Thank you to everyone who attended our March letter writing!  Please join us on Saturday, April 3rd for our next Vegan Voices letting writing event.

Saturday, 4/3
Green Vegetarian Restaurant

Please RSVP so we can save you a seat! Hope to see you there!

bullet New Vegetarian Restaurant- Pomegranate Cafe Now Open in Awhatukee!

Pomegranate Cafe
4025 E. Chandler Blvd (at 40th St, SE corner)
Phoenix, AZ 85048

From their website-  "Caring for the earth is an essential part of our physical and spiritual wellbeing and a necessity for the longevity of future harvests. Pomegranate uses organic ingredients with an emphasis on seasonal fruits and vegetables. We support small, local farmers and artisans who share our commitment to providing exceptional products with ecologically responsible methods".


Coming Soon...A New AZVegan Website Design!
We are currently updating the site (behind the scenes for now) and the changes are scheduled to be complete in about 1 week!  You may experience a couple second delay when you visit the page during this time.  Check back soon for the latest update!



Check Out The Recent Arizona Republic Article- Technology Aims To Replace Animal Testing



Sprinkles In Scottsdale Carrying Vegan Cupcakes!
Their store by Scottsdale Fashion Square is carrying vegan cupcakes that are outstanding!  Check them out today at

Sprinkles Scottsdale
4501 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
480) 970-4321



Take A Few Minutes To Provide A User Review Of Green Vegetarian Restaurant      
Do you love Green as much as we do?  Take a couple minutes to provide a review so others will check it out.



Vegan Cookies At Starbucks!
Enjoy yummy vegan cookies with your soy latte...check it out!   Be sure to thank your local Starbucks carrying vegan products...and encourage them to carry more!



Rustic Restaurant With Delicious Vegan Options In Apache Junction!
The next time you're in the Apache Junction area, or looking for a beautiful drive for a delicious meal, check out The Dutchman's Hide Out located 4 miles east of Apache Junction on Highway 88.  It is a rustic restaurant with lots of character and about the last place you would expect to find a delicious vegan meal...but this is a diamond in the rough.  The chef/owner is Matt and he is very accommodating to vegans.  They have a Garden Valley Greens salad that is vegan, a Fresh Garden plate with asparagus, portabellini mushrooms, baby squash, and many other vegetables seasoned and grilled with a balsamic reduction-just ask them to hold the mayo in the sauce.  To top it off, there is Berry Soup that is outstanding!  It has strawberries, blueberries, and other berries in a simple syrup and can be ordered without the ice cream.  It's well worth the trip and you won't be disappointed.  The views of the mountains are beautiful and it is a little higher elevation that overlooks the city.  Check out their menu and location at www.miningcamprestaurant.com.


Don't Miss This...

  • Questions about veganism?   
    Vegans and non-vegans alike should read the incredible essay from Vegan Outreach, 
    On Being Vegan



Free Stuff!

  • AZVegan.com bumper stickers!  
    8.5" by 2.5" vinyl stickers.  Click here for a preview.  If you live in Arizona and would like one, just send an email to azvegan@gmail.com letting us know you want a bumper sticker and we'll send you one for free.  Spread the word...expand the network...widen the circle!

  • "Chew on This" - an amazing video from PETA.
    Every year, more than 27 billion animals (including fish) are killed for food in the United States alone. PETA’s video Chew on This sheds light on animal suffering and highlights many of the other reasons to choose a compassionate, plant-based diet.  Watch the video, order a free copy of the DVD, and pass it on!  (just three and a half minutes long)  


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