Non-AR Sites

This page is dedicated to websites that, although they don’t deal directly with animals or vegetarianism, could be very useful to for activists. – The About network consists of over 700 Guide sites neatly organized into 36 channels. The sites cover more than 50,000 subjects with over 1 million links to the best resources on the Net and the fastest-growing archive of high quality original content.  For local info, visit About Phoenix, AZ.

Babelfish Translation – With AltaVista Babel Fish, you can translate passages of text or entire Web pages among nine languages, or quickly translate a block of text up to 150 words into the language of your choice. Media Guide – this is an amazing website for activists.  Find and contact national and local media quickly and easily.

The Conservative Activists’ Giant E-Mail Links Page – The conservatives “built” this one and it has wonderful letter-writing resources.  As they say on the website, “Here’s your one-stop “megaphone” where you can E-Mail letters to your elected representatives, talk shows, the media, and even write letters to the editor.  Tell them what you think!” - The first free online article-search service.  Search for quality articles in more than 300 reputable magazines and journals – committed to make socially and environmentally responsible behavior essential to the success of any business.   Gives you information about what companies do, and makes it easy for you to do something about it. – To find media fax numbers, simply go to this site and use the search engine for “newspapers” “radio” and “television stations” in your area. You will be provided a list of local media.  Or visit the individual websites for your favorite local radio, TV and print media outlets for a list of e-mail addresses or fax numbers.