Compassionate Cooks – a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people to make informed food choices and to debunking myths about vegetarianism through cooking classes, nutrition workshops, supermarket tours, and a cooking DVD. Compassionate Cooks gives people the tools and resources they need to prevent disease, optimize their health, and create new habits that benefit the earth and all its inhabitants.

Cordon Vert Cookery School - over 600 recipes. – This archive has 4,667 fat free and very low fat vegetarian recipes as well as information about healthy very low fat vegetarian diets. But you don’t have to be vegetarian or eat low fat all the time to enjoy one of these recipes. Browse and enjoy!

International Vegetarian Union – Vegetarian Recipes Around the World.  1,797 vegan recipes – so far – in English.  Lots more in other languages.

Tazarat Vegan Recipes

The Post Punk Kitchen - a show on public television, with a great companion website.  They have a wonderful page on egg substitutions:

Vegan Connection – designed to provide simple recipes that taste great and contain ingredients that can be found in your local grocery or health food store. Some of our recipes have even fooled the most discriminating meat eaters.

VeganFood – tons of vegan recipes (over 1,300 when I last checked!) with convenient printable versions, and a great sense of humor!

Vegan Mania – Since 1998, I’ve been creating, cooking, experimenting, testing and posting all the animal-product-free recipes I could for VeganMania.Com.” - Join our Community, Meet Like-Minded People, And Get a Delicious New Vegan (Pure Vegetarian) Recipe Every Week by Email – Free!

Vegetarian Resource Group

VegParadise from Compassion Over Killing. Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a culinary champ, the dozens of animal-friendly recipes now online at will be guaranteed hits! Each recipe—from starter through dessert—was tested in the COK Kitchen. Be sure to keep checking back, as new entrées, sides, sweets, and more will be added regularly!

VegSource Best of the Net Recipe Collection – a collection of links,  not links merely to recipe sites on the Net, but links to the individual recipes themselves, culled and organized for easy access!  The Best of the Net Collection is already the largest collection links to vegetarian recipes anywhere on the Internet, and we’ll grow each month!

VegWeb – tons of veg recipes.

Vitalita Culinary Group (VCG) – has produced two free, original, on-line, vegan cookbooks (vegetarian/non-dairy e-cookbooks). Over 90% of these recipes are gluten free (no wheat, spelt, kamut, oats, barley, rye, etc.). Many of the recipes are low-fat, and all recipes are nutrient dense. At this point, these two cookbooks contain over 150 original vegan recipes. Both of these cookbooks include pictures of the recipes.