Help End the Seal Hunt in Canada

Take a moment to speak out against the seal hunt that is taking place in Canada.  They are allowing the slaughter of 350,000 defenseless seals most of them pups each year for at least 3 years.   Here are a few quick things that you can do to help end the seal hunt.  Don't be put off - it really isn't that much.  Most of these are very easy and go quite fast.  Do whatever you can...everything helps.

  •   This site has a ton of great information....who to write, what to say, email addresses and etc.  If nothing else, please write your State Senator and tell them to support Senator Carl Levin's Resolution 33 to stop the seal hunt.  Also, write to the Canadian Prime Minister and to Geoff Regan of the Fisheries Dept.....these are the two men who have to power to end this hunt.  

  •  (At this site there is a link to find your State Senators email address.  It called the Legislator Look Up Tool and you just click on it).

  • and click on Speak Out Now Against Seal Hunt.  Click on Take Action - this will take you to a page where you can write a letter and add your voice to the over 10,000 already there (this is easy and goes very fast)

  •  and sign the Pledge  (easy and fast)

  •  and click on CLICK TO HELP  (add this site to your desktop and click once a day) then please go to their Petition page and sign, its at the bottom where it says something like Tell Them You Do Care.

Thank you for taking action!



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