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Veg Sites


"Beyond Closed Doors"- New documentary released which takes a comprehensive look at agricultural practices around the world.
Unlike many documentaries on animal treatment, "Beyond Closed Doors" (BCD) is not horrifying to watch. Instead, Sandgrain Films has taken a comprehensive look at the correlation between science, ethics, and the politics of farm animal treatment. Two years in the making, BCD is a powerful, informative, and thought-provoking film that relies on contrast and comparison of agricultural practices around the world, to make a case for the ethical and humane treatment of farm animals. More information.


Check out "The Meatrix" online movie!  http://www.bancruelfarms.org/meatrix  If you haven't seen this movie yet, please take two minutes to watch it. It is entertaining and clever, AND it packs a political punch!  As the name implies, the Meatrix spoofs the popular Matrix movies. The film exposes factory farming in an informative and interesting way, and includes information about what people can do to help.  Enjoy the show and please forward it to everybody you know!


All4Vegan.net - Your Vegan Source for Personal Connections, Information, Inspiration, Activation and Much More.

Animal Rights International - Online - an international animal rights community that promotes cruelty free (vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian) alternatives.  Join the active discussion that deals with animal rights issues and informs about vegetarian, vegan and fruitarian diets.  Click on "Forum" on the top left of the home page for an enormous list of animal rights forums.

BlackVegetarians.org - recipes, resources, lists of African-American targeted vegetarian websites and organizations, and more.

CHOICE (Consumers for Healthy Options In Children's Education) - launched in 1994 by a group of concerned parents to promote a choice of wholesome plant-based meals and nutrition education in our nation's schools.

CoolVegan.com - a gathering place for cool vegans everywhere to connect, share, shop, and cavort.  On this site, you will find recipes submitted from around the world, links to various vegetarian/vegan resources, exclusive games, listings of vegan-friendly merchants, and several ways to connect with fellow vegans.

Compassion Over Killing - COKís main function lies in conducting investigations, organizing public demonstrations and other educational activities, and actively working to bring about a kinder world for all of us, both human and nonhuman.

Go Vegan Radio - This is a new vegan radio program that is broadcasted out of Los Angeles.  The host is Bob Linden.  All of the sponsors are vegan! You can listen to it over the web - it airs on Sundays at 10am, Los Angeles time.

Green People - The World's largest, searchable database of eco-friendly products: organic food, pet supplies, baby products, beauty products, home improvement, hemp, organic cotton, health products, recycled products.

Green Singles - Personal ads for singles in the environmental, vegetarian, and animal rights community and other green singles who love the outdoors, holistic living, personal growth and spirituality. A place to meet and network for friendship, dating, romance and the exchange of information and ideas.

International Vegetarian Union - Gives info on being veggie including vegan recipes from all over the world. Also gives details of veggie and vegan groups in other countries. This is an international organization that tries to bring veggie and vegan groups together from all over the world.

Leather Alternatives - Vegetarian Resource Group Guide - "For the 2000 update we have been able to add more vegan mail order catalogues, including Planet V, Veganline, and Vegan Wears. For companies previously listed we have provided additional information for such as websites, e-mail addresses, and new product lines. We have also discovered new products that might be of interest, such as non-leather bowling shoes, skate shoes, and ballet shoes."

Love is Green - A multilingual dating site for vegetarian and vegan people.  This site is designed for vegetarians and vegans, that are tired of being surrounded by meat eaters. Here they can find like-minded people, no matter if they search a pen pal, new pals or a date.

Master List of Vegetarian Sites - The most complete list of vegetarian web pages available, continuously updated.
Meatless Music-  Humor with a deeper underpinning.

NotMilk.com - The Dairy Education Board - The Dairy Education Board is a public information association that has been formed to let America know that cow's milk is not nature's perfect food for people.  We are breaking down the greatest myth in America:  that milk does a body good.  By establishing a stance against the dairy industry and the tens of billions of dollars spent in propaganda activities such as the milk mustache campaign, we will tell America the other side of the milk story.

OrganicAthlete - a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, connecting, and fostering athletes of all ages and abilities to promote healthful, plant-based living in communities, sports, and schools. 

Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine - PCRM is a nonprofit organization that promotes preventative medicine by advocating vegetarian diets.

Planet Veggie - A must-see site if you plan on visiting London.  Even if your plans don't include an overseas trip, you can check out the vegan "seed" jewelry for sale or browse the list of links.

Sticky Fingers Bakery-  This is a vegan bakery in Washington, DC.  They offer mail orders.  Their baked goods are wonderful and low cholesterol, too!

TryVeg.com - an outstanding site from Compassion Over Killing.  Recipes, action center, current news items, online videos and more!

Veg Family - A resource and a place for vegan parents to connect with others to share knowledge and ask and answer questions.

Veg for Life is a multi-use springboard to help guide you through the world of cruelty-free eating and living. Sections include: How To, Eats, Wears, Resources, Activism, Kids, and Dogs/Cats.  It also has sections on health, animals and the environment.

Veggie123.com  -"How to Successfully become a vegetarian, even if you think you canít do it, even if you think itís way too hard, even if you have tried & failed before".

Veg TV - "We are a group of like minded people in the television and internet industries, combining our love of the vegetarian lifestyle with our technical video production knowledge to bring you "alternative" attitudes on nutrition, exercise, weight loss, disease prevention, sex, and lifestyle."

Vegan.com - Articles dealing with veganism.  This is where Erik Marcus is giving his book, Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating away to everyone!  Just go to this site and download the entire book for free.  What a great way to pass this fantastic book around.  Tell your friends and families!

Vegan Action - Vegan Action is a nonprofit, tax-exempt educational membership organization. Our mission is to enhance public awareness about the many benefits of a vegan diet and lifestyle, and to work to improve the availability of vegan foods.

Vegan Outreach - Producers of "Why Vegan".  If you're looking for more info on veganism, this is it!!   (In English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and Portuguese)

VeganPeace - Striving towards peacefully sharing our earth. Includes a forum, e-cards and information about veganism, sweatshops, parenting, gay issues, cookbook reviews and ingredient definitions.

Vegan Street - Market, news, calendar, articles, etc.

VeganMD.org - Michael Greger, M.D. is a physician, a prize-winning cook, and an internationally recognized speaker on a number of important public health and social justice issues.  This site has wonderful info straight from a vegan doctor!
VegetableKillers.com  -  Informational forum where you can discuss veg food, ethics, and policy.

Vegetarian Cartoons - a fun site to visit when you need a laugh, or when you've just got some time to burn!

The Vegetarian Channel - a vegetarian directory which helps put you in touch with the very best vegan and vegetarian recipes and information on the Web.  We have thousands of tasty low fat recipes, nutritional information, cookbooks, info on vegetarian societies and organizations, vegetarian travel information, non leather vegetarian and vegan shoes, and even free animated greetings cards!

Vegetarian Resource Group - The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger.

The Vegetarian Site - Offers authoritative information on a wide array of topics, from health & nutrition to animal rights issues to agriculture and the environment.  Plus offers a full online vegan shopping section including leather-free footwear & accessories, personal care items, discounted books, videos, and more.

VegetarianTeen - an amazing site with info on food, activism, parents, style, and much more!

VegetarianWomen - Though the website focuses on issues specifically relevant for women, it also provides valuable resources for veggies of any gender.  Among these resources are useful forums on issues for veggie women, veggie parents, new and transitioning veggies, as well as animal rights issues. A collection of veggie recipes makes trying new concoctions simple.  Finally, the site includes an auction section (www.vegbay.com) for buying and selling new and used earth and animal friendly items.   

VegDining.com -Your Online Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants Around the World

Veggiedate.com - Veggiedate is more than just a dating service for vegetarians. Make friends, pen-pals or love connections. Share vegetarian recipes, or vegetarian meals at vegetarian restaurants and enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle. Visit their comprehensive list of vegetarian societies in North America for vegetarian information. Chat in the chat room. They also maintain a calendar of vegetarian events.

Veggie Network - A vegan/vegetarian business referral network

Vegsource - The mission of VegSource is to offer the most up to date health and diet information possible, and to encourage the many good reasons for a plant-based diet. We do this by sponsoring leading authorities and organizations and promoting their critical message.  Most importantly, our mission is to provide 24-hour-a-day support via discussion boards, live chats, and e-mail to help you implement the critical information you learn into your everyday routine.

VegWeb - Tons of veg recipes and more - online vegetarian resource guide.

Viva! USA  - Vegetarians International Voice for Animals promotes a plant based diet, for the benefit of the animals, the planet and you!




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